Do you want to become clear and expressive on the podium, and confident in your rehearsal technique? Would you like to save time while studying your scores deeply, and to make your mental and physical health a priority?

The complete G&O Conducting Academy will provide all these things, give you skills you can use in your next rehearsal and save you $200!!

Designed to work around busy teacher schedules, purchasing G&O Conducting Academy gives you access to all instructional videos for one year, so you can work through each short segment at your own rate. At the end of each course you’ll receive a certificate of completion.

You’ll also be able to download the lesson plans as a study aid.

Video Review

As part of this package, you’ll receive one free video review session (See website for more details)

Clock Hours

If you are a Washington Music Educator you’ll be eligible for clock hours. Make sure to email me at within 7 days of purchasing this course to register to receive clock hours at the end of the year.