private lessons

Would you like more focused help? 

Book a private lesson with me. This can be just one or a few lessons, or it could be on an ongoing basis.

How it works:

We will meet via zoom for one (1) hour at an agreed upon time. I am happy to work on or discuss whatever topics you wish. We will plan the repertoire that will be used in advance so that we can both be prepared.

Once you have purchased your lesson, email me at, with the subject line “Private Lesson Schedule”, and we will find a time that works.

Fee: $150/lesson


Fee: $150

Duration: 60 minutes


If you have to cancel, I must be notified by email a minimum of 24 hours before your intended meeting time. If the notification comes closer than 24 hours then the full fee is still due and no make-up lesson will be provided.

If I have to cancel, I will let you know a minimum of 24 hours in advance. We will then discuss if you would rather skip the lesson or reschedule.


No refunds will be available for any reason.


Payment is due before the lesson begins.