Sharing Beauty Day 9

Sam GamgeeSam Gamgee is perhaps one of the most incredible characters in literature. Under appreciated by everyone (including Frodo), humble, brave, incredibly self-sacrificing and wiser than most. His soliloquy in the Two Towers movie (it may not actually happen in the books) has stuck with me and been an inspiration. The final line I find particularly profound…”That there’s something good left in this world and it’s worth fighting for.”

In the midst of a very hard time for us all, this is what I hope we can hold onto. There is indeed much good in this world and it is indeed worth fighting for. Fighting not with weapons or violence but with love, faithfulness and selflessness. There is a time for violence, but in the end it only leads to more violence. If we are to transform our world we need love for each other, love for our planet and love for ourselves.

One thought on “Sharing Beauty Day 9

  1. The news broadcast I watch every night always ends with a story of someone or something good that happened that day. Sometimes I just tune in for that!


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