Sharing Beauty in This Dark Time


In this526258_808611449403_250524049_n time of struggle that we are all facing, I wanted to find a way to share some hope and joy. The news and social media are overwhelmingly dark, and the world seems to be swallowed in fear.

Even so, there is hope.

I have been inspired and moved by those around me who are seeking creative ways to improve the lives of our community, drawing people together despite our necessary physical isolation.

One of my core beliefs, what drives me to be a musician, is that we are all created for perfection, the sublime. From time to time we are granted glimpses of beauty so potent we could weep, or moments so peaceful and perfect we long to stop time. For me, music and nature are the most consistent providers of these moments. As a conductor, most of my art and creation requires the gathering of large numbers of people, so I will endeavor to share something musical or otherwise each day that inspires or encourages me in the hope of blessing others.

Day 1: An Alpine Symphony – Richard Strauss (“Sunrise” in particular)

As someone who is deeply influenced by nature and loves Strauss’ compositional style, I am moved every time I hear “Sunrise” from An Alpine Symphony. The image of the sun coming searing over mountain peaks stirs my soul and I feel Strauss captured that beautifully. Admittedly the rest of the piece can be a bit overmuch but I still deeply enjoy it.

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